We're a group of parents and teachers who work together to provide the best enriched education possible for our children.  We work to improve   the environment at our school by providing volunteer and financial support.  We all work together by giving a few hours either on campus or      

  from home so that no one has to do it all.  We raise funds to provide resources that are not included in the school’s budget and are deemed  

  desirable by the staff  to enhance student education.  We have fun putting on festivals and events that our students love! 

Spring Grove PTO


500 Spring Grove Rd Hollister CA 95023 US

831.637.3745  ext. 355


Get in Touch with Us

       2018~2019 Committee Chairs    

                                  ABC Reading Program ~ Elena Verdegaal


                       Bingo Night ~ PTO Board

                       Book Fair ~ Erin Isom


                       Boxtops ~ PTO 


                       Fall Festival ~ Diane Mendes


                       Monthly Fundraisers ~ Briana Destefanis 


                       New Tiger Social ~  PTO Board                       


                          Spirit Wear ~ Rachel Villalpondo                


                          Turkey Trot T-Shirts ~ Josanne Biggs


                        Wine & Roses ~ PTO Executive Board

                                Donations ~ 

                                Decorations ~ 

                                Silent Auction ~ 

                                Reverse Draw ~

                                Baskets ~ 

                                Check in ~

                                Check out ~

                                Rose Pull ~  

                                Dessert Auction ~ 

                                Auctioneer ~                   


       2018~2019 Executive Board    

                           Erin Isom

​                        Andrea Bejines                  

                           Diane Mendes & Marcia Presta

                           Michelle Muenzer                          ​